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Name: Recovering Minds

Location: Flex Tower Yokohama Kannai 504,  2-21-1 Sumiyoshi-Cho , Naka-Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa  231-0013 Japan

Phone : 045-663-9067

Email :

About Us

  Recovering Minds is a general incorporated association to help anybody who suffers from alcoholism and addiction as well as family members and friends impacted by these illnesses.  Quite a few hospitals and treatment centers are currently offering various treatment programs for alcoholism and other addictions, however, there are so many people who do not know what to do with their own drinking habit or an alcoholic close to them.  Alcoholics have problems solely because they have a brain disease called alcoholism, but the surrounding factors, such as, job, families, health conditions, financial status and so forth, are different from one another. That is why there is no one-fit-all strategy to battle against this disease, and many afflicted people are just being baffled and get lost in this maze without exit.


   We, as a group of skilled and experienced counselors and licensed social workers in the field of alcoholism and addictions, try to provide a set of tools, which will lead the troubled people in the right direction towards the solution.  We educate and counsel our clients, and introduce resources for their prompt recovery and healing.

Our Services

  Addiction is a progressive, chronic, and lethal disease. It slowly kills people while destroying lives of their loved ones. Here is the menu that we offer for our clients.


Counseling : In-person, e-mail, phone or online counseling by experienced staff. Available for anyone with drinking problems or those who suffer from someone else’s alcoholism.

Seminar and workshop : Various topics include codependency, grief work and adult children.

EAP / CSR programs : We have been assisting mental health programs for an airline and a liquor-distribution company.

Our Staff Members

Yasuko Mizusawa : Psychiatric social worker, Counselor

Wataru Aizu : Psychiatric social worker

Toshiko Soya : Counselor

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